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Some facts about me:

  • work
    I've been coding commercially since 2019 and not planning to stop !!!11
  • student
    I’m a Bachelor of Computer Science graduted from Lodz University of Technology.
  • technologies
    Leading technologies I use are: React, Redux, HTML, Sass. I also have some experience in React Native, GraphQl, ScandiPWA and a couple more.
  • I enjoy front-end development!

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During my 3+ yrs of commercial experience I've developed a few fun frontend projects. I have listed a few below. Also, a couple of listed below I made in my spare time.

React / Redux / ScandiPWA / GraphQL

Created at Advox Studio. E-commerce platform for selling chimneys, furnances, etc. Strongly implementing PWA features such as caching and offline storage. The platform has been developed using ScandiPWA library and has 1,000+ active users daily!

React Native / MobX / Typescript

Created at Goodylabs. I was responsible for delivering mobile client for app tailored for managing bookings at coworking spaces. Unfortunately this qucik gif is all I have left from this app :/. Some of the main features are: calendar, support chat, qr code for door opening, notifications, listing and inviting collegues to your bookings, managing user profile, etc.

Twitch clone
React / Typescript / Redux / Node (for API)
See repository

Twitch.tv rip off based on Twitch Dev API. I wanted to see how far I can go with making 1:1 twitch clone using publicly available API. Turns out not so far :) For this project I also created simple, proxy-like API to send my requests through

React Native / Ruby On Rails / MongoDB
See repository

My bachelor of science thesis. The point of this app was to make ordering food at university’s canteen more comfortable and more efficient. A client signs in using Google account, then makes an order and pays for it. Next step is waiting for notification when meal is ready for pick up. Canteen operator can edit every position in menu, add new and keep track of ordered food. Technologies used: React Native, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby On Rails, MongoDB and a few more…

Cho Na Mecz
Android SDK / Spring / Hibernate / MySQL
See repository

Another group project. Android app indicating match transmissions in local pubs. I was responsible for Android part of the application. No video - all I could find is this screenshoot

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